What are Classic Toys? No Batteries!

01310570171_starglasschesssetpp1322-1.jpgElectronic gadgets and video games top the list of most popular kids toys, among all ages. But are you looking for something different?  As a child, you probably remember your favorite childhood toy.  That same wave of nostalgia can guide you while shopping for the perfect classic toy for that special child in your life! Whether you shop online or at a  local store for kids toys, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially when there are tons of toys and games from which to select.  If you are looking for something different guaranteed to put a smile on your favorite child’s face, then you should consider giving a classic toy, or maybe a few of them. Many parents and children enjoy spending quality time together playing classic board games.  Today video games are popular, however, they do not allow much interaction between children and parents.  There are always the classic games that encourages family participation. Other family-oriented games that children can play with their parents include checkers, chess, pool, jig-saw puzzles, dart boards, air hockey tables, and shuffle boards. If you’re shopping for a little boy, then you may decide on a ride-on toy, flag football set, authentic camping set, archery set, die-cast vehicles, rubber horse shoes kit, arcade shooting games, bummer cars, pedal toys, tin toys, and wooden building toys.  Nothing says classic toys better than a toy tractor and trailer! There are also just as many kids toys when it comes to shopping for a special occasion for that special little girl.  Of course Barbie dolls are always a hit, especially the 1959 original Barbie doll.  Other toys include Barbie accessories and products, tea sets, toy kitchens and cookware, toy market stores, or colorful frilly girly chairs, small couches, ottomans, pillows and blankets. Are you looking for something with a little more personal touch to make the gift more memorable?  Bookshelves, step stools, rocking chairs, backpacks, mirrors, and coat racks are all great kids toys for either a boy or girl.  Adding attention to detail by personalizing the gift you decide on shows that you put extra thought into the selection. Parents looking for kids toys that help the child to develop both socially and emotionally, are in luck because there are tons of options!  Depending on the age of the child, there are educational toys for every age.  Babies learn their surroundings by playing with brightly colored toys from musical animals, activity blocks and waterproof toys at bath time.  Early childhood toys and activity books teach children valuable skills such as reading and telling time.  Older children might be more difficult to shop for but toys such as a Lite Bright or replica of a NASA rocket complete with outfit would be great.  Classic toys do not need batteries and are truly a wonderful way to spend quality time with your family and teach children valuable skills to succeed in life!